Rabbit Hill Mountain Biking Freeride Park

Opening Day at Rabbit Hill

Just got back from opening day/evening at Rabbit Hill Mountain Biking Freeride Park just south of Edmonton Alberta. Weather was perfect and the hill is progressing nicely, transforming from ski hill to Bike Park.

Park General Layout and Features

Rabbit Hill Dirt Jumps

Dirt Jumps

There are a lot of changes to the downhill mountain biking freeride park this year. Some changes are because of the constant upgrading of the features and some changes because of land boundary issues with a surrounding land owner. Regardless of the reason for the changes, they only make this year’s version of the bike park better. First, the dirt jumps that are at the lower, west end of the park. These jumps are a complete change from the ones that were made the past few years.

Rabbit Hill Pump Track

Pump Track

With the first weekend out of the way and crowds of mountain bike riders ripping up the trails and dirt jump park it looks like we are in for a fantastic summer of biking fun.

Mountain Biking Skills Park

Skills Park

Some of the other improvements that Rabbit Hill Bike Park is currently working on are features in the Skills Park. More features now are more novice friendly.

Mountain Biking Freeride

* A new line of the green run which runs down the West side of the park. * A brand new green run which will hopefully be ready by July 1. (UPDATE: Green run down the middle of the hill(underneath he chair lift) is now complete. * Tons more features in the skills park * New lines on existing trails to make them more versatile and Novice friendly

Downhill Trails

Downhill trails are a work in progress with the transition from winter to summer conditions. There was a good variation of trails open with “Cotton Trail” - green run, “Cross Bones” - Blue Run, “Gong Show” - Black run

Trails to be opened are:

“Too Fast For Love” –Double Black “Chut’n Range” – Single/Double Black

“Full Throttle” – Double Black

“Last Caress” – Double Black

There are two other trails that are planned and work is progressing on, another green run that will be located on the West side of the hill and a blue run will also be located on the West side.

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